Friday, 10 January 2014

Holiday Doodlage!

Mandalas on the RE-Bound!

Have you ever tried to buy a square sketchbook? Very tricky! Hard to find one and harder still to find one with decent paper for mixed media work. I wanted to create a book that I could use for the delightfully meditative activity of making mandalas.

I found the solution in RE-Purposing and RE-Binding a young child’s “board” book and converting the pages into usable spaces, combining a second book: a much loved copy of “ My favorite thing” by my lovely friend, poet Madeleine Slavick.

I wanted to cover the children’s images with a text that would suggest moments of contemplation to me as I built mandalas within the pages…….

Madeleine travelled around Mainland China on behalf of Oxfam in 1998 and interviewed people asking the question, what is your very favourite thing in life…… the responses range from ‘My pen’ to ‘My family’ and ‘Nothing’.

Here it is now : "My Little Book of Mindful Doodlage"

The great gift is that the headings on each page suggest ideas and themes and thoughts to me, as pause each day to draw and doodle 
the layers in my mandalas………….and you know what, that’s my own very favourite thing to be doing ! So this xmas holiday when I was travelling in the Philippines I continued my Doodlage....out and about in all sorts of lovely spots.

If you fancy finding a few gorgeous Mandala Doodles why not check out the related Pinterest Pages......

and check these two Amazing Mandala Doodles created in a brand new square sketchbook by my very own artistic cousin Berni, hard to believe that this is her first ever dabble into this technique !! Stunning, complex and confidently executed!

Why not start a new 2014 creative endeavour.....pop to your stationary store and pick out some coloured pens and get started! 

Enjoy your foray!
Till next time


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