Saturday, 18 January 2014

The Amazing Stine Baska

This weekend I was blessed to have a visit from the 'Amazing Stine Baska'. Stine is a truly global citizen, having been born in Norway, currently lives in Sydney Australia and has had a stint living right here on Lamma with her gorgeous family. Stine is famed for her extraordinary photography, she specialises in family images taken in outdoor settings and I have witnessed her abilities to bring smiles to a sulky 16 year olds as well as distracted 3 year olds!!!  
Check her Website:

Last April Stine attended our 'Wild at Art Retreat' at Tao Fong Shan and created her very first handmade book......

She then spent 4 weeks in Norway with family and proceeded to create a further 8 handmade books!! Using the basic techniques of hand stitching one signature, she adapted to the materials she could lay her hands on whilst there and ended up using the old pages of children's story books that she found along the way to make family book for her mother and new journals.

Stine has remained a prolific book creator, featuring many of them on Facebook. Here are pages from her Journey Book, exploring the notion of physical journeys as well as the spiritual and emotional pathways that we all take. Using found objects and old books, Stine blends text, memorabilia and images upon her pages.

This Saturday found Stine around the table at Flowers Towers sharing some Saturday Journalling moments with some of the other Art Journaling members of the Gin and Tonic Art Club.

Stine has now flown away to Norway for another winter sojourn and I am sure she will return having produced further copious tomes filled with impressions of her own inner world as well as the world around her. 
Making Art in books?
Thats the gorgeous beauty of this Art Journaling thing, is that you do not have to be an expert in any special art method ! And you do not need an art studio. Art Journaling can be Art-on-the-Go, Art in-Small-Spaces and Art for absolutely anyone at all who fancies a dabble and a play and of course it can be as shareable as you like……you might not wish to share your journal pages with anyone at all !!! Books facilitate a kind of intimate art making dialogue which can be  private or not!

If you’re put off by the word ‘journal’ and imagine tomes of self-reflective writing, don’t worry! 
Art Journaling is 50% of “Play” which means experiments with materials, colours, textures and patterns and 50% of “Something to Say” which really means to give a voice to something calling to be expressed.

Maybe its time to buy a small sketchbook/ notebook and few small art supplies and start doodling or sticking or experimenting.......

Why not make a little art time....
1. Put it on your to-do list this week.

2. Commit to the smallest doable amount of time that feels possible, can be a five minute doodle.

3. Set up a small space with some supplies so that you are ready to create and don't have to spend time finding materials. You don't need a lot of supplies: pens, a set of paints, a paint brush, glue stick and a few favourite poems, pictures or magazines..... and it's a super compact and portable hobby!!

Go to it friends !!

Till next time

Katie xx

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