Monday, 16 December 2013

Up close and Personal on the Mountain!

Connecting with the Energy of Trees 
Kadoorie Farm and Botanical Garden

This fabulous mountain, site of the Wild at Art, Autumn Retreats, is truly one of my favourite places in Hong Kong.In case you have never been there, take a look at this amazing map:

This last weekend, local artist  Roz Keep and myself spent time halfway up a large mountain, with French Ecologist Claire Elouard learning to fine tune our intuitive powers by engaging with the powerful energy of trees. 
The trees in this location are spectacular and we were based on the Fern Walk and travelled into pine ridges, woodland walks and the upper stream getting to know the energy of young and ancient trees along the way.

Shinrin – yoku
Don’t you think just being among trees is good for our wellbeing ?? walks in the woods are actually shown to reduce stress and illness. Well, I’m a tree hugger and proud of it !!!! I know that being up the mountain at Kadoorie this last few days, my breathing becomes softer and calmer, I feel peaceful and grounded.
Well would you believe Japanese even have a word for this feeling - shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing and surveys in Japan have revealed that a forest stroll can have beneficial effects on blood pressure, heart rate and the immune system. …….
Not surprising is it.
Have you heard of the field of “eco-psychology”? Based on the notion that our disconnection with nature is a central factor in many modern emotional woes.  Walks in the woods are recommended to bridge our human/nature disconnect and helps to clear the mind as we breathe in fresh oxygen being emitted from the leaves.
In a dense city like Hong Kong its very important for people to be awake to and aware of the fabulous city Banyans and the benefits that just even noticing and walking by such a tree can bring to us all in a crazy city day……

Just saying!
Thats all from this weeks Wild Warblings !
Make sure you notice your nearby tree friends this week!
Katie xxx

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