Sunday, 15 December 2013

Dragons and a little spot of Heaven !

This year I participated in the Travelling Art Project created and hosted by the lovely Joyce Van der Lily who is down under on the Southside of the world, situated along a gorgeous beach in New Zealand. Joyce sent out 3 semi prepared artist canvases last January and they made their way around the world along a pathway of mixed media artists. Each artist responded to the surface in their own personal style and image on the canvas shifted and changed along the way......
This is as the canvas left Joyce
Then the canvas was added to around the world, interesting that even before it arrived with me in Hong Kong there was a distinctly Chinese flavour dictated by the red theme and then the dragon!

I was handed the canvas in England Catherine Mason who added part four, I then added part 5 ( last picture above).
This is how the canvas is currently looking.........and I wonder what will occur next!
Heres the facebook page of you feel like joining!

Garden Angels

A little bit of heaven in Yung Shue Wan....

Last Saturday found a few of us making  angels at Flowers Towers, with Fern, Vicky and Panda...they are all now flying in Yuletide readiness in the Xmas Party House, some inside and some flying in the breeze! 

Till next week's Wild Warbings

keep warm!


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