Thursday, 23 October 2014

Mandala Month !

This month it has all been very busy in my artistic world as Claire and I gear up for our 4th Art Retreat in Hong Kong Mandala Journey which starts today ! We are very excited to be going up the mountain at the Kadoorie Research Centre with 14 wonderful creatives, several of whom have attended our retreats previously.We will be painting our way through a Mandala Journey weekend, watch this space for images!

Kadoorie Research Centre

This month I was also lucky enough to be interviewed by the wondrous Louise Gale one my Mandala Guru's. Louise runs a fabulous online class called Mixed Media Mandalas and she really helped me be bold.....and move out of my sketchbook and onto a canvas!

Louise Gale

I heartily recommend her classes, she will gently lead you through all kinds of accessible activities, and scaffold your artistic adventures all the way until you find you have created a masterpiece! Check here to see Louise's Mandala class  Thanks Louise!

My new Mandala Canvases...

Last of all I'd just like to mention an event coming up soon at Gecko Yoga in Staunton St, Hong Kong on Saturday November the 29th, in conjunction with Jenny Smith I will be offering a Morning Mandala Making workshop for adults and children from 10 years upwards. This a lovely space called the Vichara Studio and I may see you there!!
See the link for upcoming details:  Gecko Yoga

Yogi's on Charlotte Douglas's Yoga Retreat, Lamma Island
The creation of a Mandala and Yoga go very much hand on hand as both are practices that bring us into the here and now, as Jenny says: into "Present Moment Awareness". I know for myself that the practice of learning to create repeated and rhythmic patterns is a truly grounding and centering experience, not to mention a great de-stresser ! Vital in this busy city for sure!

Last of all, check the concentration of these amazing seven year olds who are making mandalas at HKIS in my art class, check our blog The Magic Dot

Thats all for October my friends. Why not pick up a pen and doodle something circular today!!

for now 
Katie xxx

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