Sunday, 14 September 2014

Circles of Creation

Second only to the wonderful joy and relaxation I enjoy when creating my own artworks the fun and rich weft of making art with other people. Over the years I have found many ways to do that, and just about everyone I meet is eager to make and create something, I always have people to work with !!! Creating in a group or Circle provides a place where creative ideas and energy can grow as people sharing methods, ideas and conversation. Wonderful community building takes place as people share ideas, stories and fun and start to take greater risks with their creativity.

"What women need is permission to go into the wilderness of their internal world. To explore and embrace everything that they find there. " Chris Zydel

Here's a few lovely Creative Circles that I have gathered with over the last year.

Helena's FanClub

Creating our own personalised collaged and doodles fans in celebration of Helena's special birthday this year , in Pak Kok Tsuen, HK! 

You are Glorious !!

Celebrating our glorious selves in cousin Berni's Hampshire garden, in England with delicious food and lovely neighbours.

Mandalas with the Family 

Obsessively drawing rotational Mandalas with super artistic nieces  !!! People of any age will get hooked on this technique !

Meet Up Sketchwalk

Early Morning sketching along Aberdeen Praya, Hong Kong Island, always many amazing much going on its a rich seam for sketching if you ever fancy a sketch-stroll yourself.

The Gin and Tonic Art club 
Four fabulous Artistes who have been meeting at Flowers Towers for several years now, creating all kinds of projects and particularly enjoying Botanicals in the garden.

Wild at Art Weekends

....and last but most wonderfully the Fabulous Wild at Art Retreats which I run alongside Claire, twice a year here in Hong Kong......a whole weekend to incubate ideas, surrender to the process and be lavishly looked after ......

Coming soon........

Retreat number Four!! October 2014! 
If you feel like joining our Creative Circle this autumn: 

Mandala Journey
at Kadoorie Research Centre, sign up now!

contact me

Katie Flowers

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