Thursday, 15 October 2015

Family Magic with Mums and Daughters !

This last weekend saw Claire and I once more in the gorgeous harbour-side room of the Aberdeen Boat Club with 7 wonderful Mums and their Daughters who had come to take part in our second Mums and Daughters Art workshop day.
 We doodled together 
 We chatted as mums....
 and as daughters 
 Sharing ideas
 We wrote to our mums... 
 We wrote to our daughters
 We shared those thoughts 
 We made secret pockets to collect our special momentos

 We then collected pictures and words to express our favourite thoughts about each other 

 Created "ourselves" within our love letter 
 Sharing our process side by side with our mums all the way 
 Just look at the amazing "love shrines" we made to each other! 
 Then we showed each other 
Two of our mums had come for the second time with their other daughter, which is testament to the value that they place on spending that kind of quality time with each sibling equally. 
Its a great privilege for Claire and I, to share the conversations that prove to us that we all have similar or parallel feelings about parenthood, and that it really is OK !  Most of all to witness the unfolding of such a gentle creative process and the intimacy that it creates between mums and their daughters. 

If you would like to join our Springtime Mum and Daughter workshops, 
contact me 
Katie Flowers 

What our mums say:

Thank you so much to both you and Claire for a really wonderful day on Saturday. Marianne came home and continued her doodling with my youngest with her new pens! I would love to do another day with you so do keep me posted on upcoming events.

Donna Titley

Thanks again as it was truly wonderful day and the main takeaway for me was just how seldom we actually carve out time to really be with our children whilst they are still small and young enough to appreciate it rather than just taking them places and dropping them off. The pace of day was perfect to get you into the mood of slowing down and being in the moment. It was also really nice not to have too many activities packed in. Lunch being provided meant it was hassle free and such a nice way to divide the day up.

Cat Preston

It was really lovely to have a whole day to just be with Ava (given that I have two daughters) and create side by side with her. Ava is very inspiring to me, because she is such a creative little being.
I think personally because I had already done the workshop with Lily, it was important for (and to) Ava to have the same experience as she really looks up to her older sister. It also was my need to give them both the opportunity to experience the workshop, especially after I had such a wonderful time with Lily. What was great was that the experience felt different with both children, so I would def. encourage other mothers who have more then one daughter to do the workshop, because it won't feel the same twice.

Erin Wright

A special honouring to my very own mum Bernadette who is the inspiration of so much that I do today :

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