Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Positive Self Talk..........

2013 Journals
Our captivation with Facebook is testament to the fact that we humans are quite driven to want to document our daily lives, thoughts and hobbies, and for me, my art journal is the place to document my inner world. In fact I fill up and create several journals per year, you could call it a compulsion!

I wouldn’t call my journal a diary and yet the pages do often reflect the journey of my life and thoughts, and in time each journal becomes such a treasured friend,  I don't leave home without it!

My journal is a place to collect what I would call the "residuum" of a day................ 

A page may be based around something I accidentally found or saw that day,  something funny or profound someone said, a great idea, a design for something ………..all sorts of shards and fragments of residual daily moments can contribute! So you see it does become a diary of sorts. 

As I said last week, I don't always plan what is calling to be expressed....I often just start playing with materials,colouring the background, finding what's on or nearby my art table to use, look for words in a magazine and start composing! The inspiration unfolds as I play and see what is flowing in and out of the sub conscious mind.

This week found me teaching myself how to cut out gorgeous shaped edges ( Thanks to Valerie Sjodin) and how to emphasise those with text. Since I'm off work on a Chinese New Year holiday, I felt fully justified in telling myself to Stop, Smile, and Breathe! 

But as I painted and doodled, personal concerns about how to pay for three or four years of teenage University fees in England at overseas rates crowded in, and since I am a solution focussed person by nature, I began talking to my worries through the journal page.

In season with Chinese New Year wishes for wealth, I created a small shrine to manifest my needed Tael" of gold on the pages ..............

and here it is............ta da! my wishes to manifest that gold! and I know that just articulating my wish puts it out there in the universe!  Somehow and sometime soon, a door will open and I'd better keep my mind open to that!  Thats how I believe the power of Positive Self Talk works anyway.

I will share with you a very beautiful video that I saw this week, featuring artist Paulus Berenson, who is in his 80's and has journaled his whole he says, "Your journal allows you to hang out with your own imagination, your inspiration and your intuition"

Making Journals with Paulus Berenson  ( Its a 10 minute film, so let it buffer first before you try and watch it or you'll get frustrated with all that stopping!)

Why not hang out with YOUR imagination this week friends, try a doodle, or a new font, what is it you might need to manifest? Have a play!

till next week
Happy Year of the Horse

Katie xx

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