Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Another busy week in the life of Wild at Art.....

The Aberdeen Sketchsnoop

Arriving in Aberdeen fish market at 7.00 am is lively and smelly with loads to see! Funny thing is, that whilst the market and the people are a wonderful novelty for us....oddly, we were also a fairly fascinating novelty to them ! 
Great mutual people watching!

Its a hive of activity, of people occupied in selling fish from stalls and boats, others engaged in tai chi, dance and many other kinds of exercise and a small group of random sketchers!

Boats of every shape and size, kaido's, sampans, fishing boats, pleasure junks, various ferry's and shuttle services!

Sketch-snooping accomplished, it was time for Lamma Funday and my card selling stall!

its a week of stalls and sales, and the excitement of everybody getting the Mulled Spice Girls in the Christmas post!

Loving all the dialogue around them and really enjoy how people are enchanted by the Asian Spice Girls !

so from me, and my small art table in the South China Sea!

more next week!

Katie xxx

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